Meet Our Staff

Co-Founder Melissa

Melissa Menke

Co-founder and CEO

As CEO, Melissa leads strategic planning, partnership development, and fundraising strategy at Access Afya. Melissa took Access Afya from idea to pilot. For the pilot, Melissa meet with village elders and chiefs to discuss the project, tested over a dozen digital health systems to select the appropriate electronic data management system, and  built the physical clinic. She then hired Kenyan health workers, project managers and fellows to staff the organization.

With a dual Bachelors in Political Science and International Studies from New York University and a MPA in Public Service, Melissa brings extensive experience in international development. With over seven years experience, Melissa has worked with companies and NGOs focusing on community development, urban development, and finance. Melissa enjoys travel. Last year, work and personal travel took her to France, Germany, Ethiopia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Namibia, and the United States.

Andy Profile

Andy McBride


As Chief Operating Officer, Andy oversees Access Afya’s projects and day to day running of the organisation. Andy is proud of implementing the Healthy Schools program and creating a great team for the project. With dual Bachelors in Russian and Geography and a postgraduate certificate in Social Innovation Management, Andy brings experience running his own small business in Northern Ireland specialising in leadership development, coaching and IT consultancy. He has additional experience working with management consultancies in the UK. A few years ago, Andy volunteered for PEAS in Kampala, Uganda. This positive experience brought him back to East Africa for a Masters in International Humanitarian Psychological Consultation, which he is currently pursuing. Andy loves sport, music and getting out into wild, remote places.

Maggie Profile

Maggie Kiplagat

Human Resources and Talent Development

Maggie is responsible for assisting staff with their personal and professional development at Access Afya. With a Bachelor degree in Management focused on healthcare, Maggie brings ten years of experience working in healthcare management at a multi-hospital operation in Kansas City, USA. At Access Afya, Maggie enjoys working with the clinics in the informal settlements to bring quality care to patients. She is happy to make a difference and to be a part of the change happening in the community. A very fulfilling part of Maggie’s job in human resources is helping staff reach their personal and professional growth goals. Healthcare is Maggie’s passion. She loves working with professionals in the field as they have a special position in society to provide care. She feels honoured to support Access Afya’s staff in their mission to provide quality healthcare.

Vincent Closeup

Vincent Mutugi

Clinical Director

Vincent Mutugi is a Clinical Officer with experience running medical programs from slums to the rural, northern regions of Kenya. He is interested in health technologies, comprehensive care, and patient satisfaction in care. Vincent leads clinical quality and operations at Access Afya. He represented Access Afya at the All Institute of Medical Sciences in India, speaking on its community-based, primary care model.

Duncan at the Clinic

Duncan Goldie-Scot

Co-founder and Director

Duncan brings experience growing multiple ventures including Musoni, the first 100% cashless microfinance institution. Duncan is also Director of Mission Markets, a New York-based marketplace for impact investing and sits of on the board of the Microfinance Club of New York.

Jaclyn Profile

Jaclyn Boland

Healthy Schools Program Manager

Jaclyn is responsible for managing the Healthy Schools Program at Access Afya. Working toward an M.A. in International Development and dual Bachelors in Journalism and Spanish, Jaclyn brings project management and community service experience from her prior experience in the U.S. with Florida Literacy Coalition, Families Learning Together and Florida First Start. She also has experience teaching English as a Second Language in the United States, Spain, and China. In her free time, Jaclyn loves exploring new countries, cultures, and languages. 

Nicole Profile

Nicole McMahon

Communications Manager

Nicole manages social media, internal and external communications. She also helps with the Healthy Schools Program due to her interest in health and nutrition. With a Bachelors in International Business, Nicole brings four years experience working as Communications Manager of a global skincare company in Australia. Nicole moved to Kenya in 2012 to work at Gold Star Kenya, an HIV focused health NGO as Communications Associate. Most recently, Nicole worked for six months as Communications Associate at an organisation working to produce and supply low-cost sanitary pads for school girls in Kenya. On her 3rd day in Nairobi, Nicole called her mum and said “A year here isn’t going to be enough”, and it wasn’t! Nicole also runs Pop-Up Nairobi, a pop up restaurant that hires local youth from informal settlements training them in cooking skills.

Peter Profile

Peter Maina

Lab Technician

Peter collects, analyses, and reports on the lab samples. With a diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences from Kenya Medical Training College, Peter brings experience working for one year as a lab technician at Express One Clinic with a one year internship at Malindi Hospital in Coast General Hospital. During his time with Access Afya, Peter feels proud that he has been able to learn more about dispensing medicines. In his spare time, he enjoys watching football.

Josh Profile

Joshua Mutanyi

Clinical Officer

Josh sees patients, makes diagnoses and manages patient’s cases at Access Afya’s Sinai Clinic. With a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery from Kenya Medical Training College in Kapkatet, Josh brings experience working for two years as the clinical officer in charge at Sonak Medical Center and Jamii Yadar Medical Centre in Utawala, Embakasi. At Access Afya, Josh loves working in the clinics because Access Afya emphasises the practice of quality medicine over the quantity of patients served. Josh is passionate about practicing medicine, especially surgery. He feels good when a patient comes back to him and tells him he is feeling better.

Phoebe Profile

Phoebe Chilande

Clinical Officer

Phoebe sees patients, makes diagnoses and manages patient’s cases at both of Access Afya’s clinics. With a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from Kenya Polytechnic and a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery from KMTC Nairobi Campus, Phoebe brings over one year combined experience working as a clinical officer in charge of outpatient services at Umoja and clinical officer in charge of lab work at Kenya Eastleigh. At Access Afya,  Phoebe has a passion for touching lives. She says that everyday is a learning day. Access Afya has given her the opportunity to learn more from other staff members and the people in the  community.

Joan Profile

Joan Mukiuki

Clinical Officer

Joan sees patients, makes diagnoses and manages patient’s cases at Access Afya’s Kisii Clinic. Joan also participates in outreach activities every Friday in the community. With a Diploma in Clinical Medicine from Kenyan Methodist University, Joan is currently enrolled in Kenyatta University working toward a Bachelor of Health. She brings three months experience working in the paediatrics unit in a private sector clinic with a one year internship at Kiambu District Hospital. At Access Afya, Joan’s biggest achievement has been to see an increase in the number of patients at the clinic since she started.  Joan’s grandmother inspired her to go into healthcare. Joan grew up watching her grandmother work in a hospital and wanted to follow in her footsteps.

Lawrence Profile

Lawrence Oduor Omondi

Office Manager

Lawrence handles the day to day operations of the Access Afya office. With a diploma in Business Management from KIM School of Management in Nairobi, Lawrence brings experience as an Administrator at Ligi Ndogo Soccer Club.  At Access Afya, Lawrence is happy to communicate with the clients through customer care feedback to better understand their needs. He is proud to bring people together through organising events, such as the monthly staff dinner.  Lawrence describes himself as a gentleman who likes jogging, exercising, soccer, and challenges so that he can grow professionally.


Josephine Profile

Josephine Kalisya Michael

Healthy Schools Clinician

Josephine oversees the implementation of primary care in the Healthy Schools Program through health screenings, counselling, and health education of school children. With a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery from Kenya Medical Training College, Josephine brings experience working for two years as a clinical officer with Capacity Kenya Project. At Access Afya, Josephine enjoys seeing the positive effects of the Healthy Schools Program on the students and community. Thanks to the encouragement and support of Access Afya, Josephine has been able to complete two online courses on nutrition and primary health care. She is currently enrolled in a third course on clinical psychology. In her spare time, Josephine loves to read.

Dhahabu Profile

Dhahabu Galma

Healthy Schools Coordinator

Dhahabu maintains relations between Access Afya and the schools participating in the Healthy Schools Program, and implements the program in the schools. Dhahabu brings experience working as a librarian at Goal Kenya. At Access Afya, Dhahabu enjoys working and spending time with the school children. Dhahabu is also interested in pursuing a degree in Journalism.

Mike Profile

Mike Somba

Pharmaceutical Technician

Mike is in charge of Access Afya’s pharmacy and drug supply. With a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology from Mount Kenya University, Mike brings experience working for two years at a community pharmacy in Makueni. At Access Afya, Mike has been able to streamline the storage, supply, and arrangement of drugs in the pharmacies of each clinic. Mike is passionate about medicine because when he was a child he got sick often. This passion led him to pursue pharmaceutical technology to learn more about the drugs and medicines that cure illnesses and diseases.

Dommy Profile

Domianah Mwikali

Community Outreach Coordinator

Domianah works on outreach, going door-to-door and meeting with community groups to create awareness about Access Afya. She also assist the Healthy Schools Program to improve children’s nutrition, hygiene, and well-being. With certificates and trainings in Peer Education, Community Health Work, HIV Education, and Entrepreneurship, Domianah brings extensive experience in community health and outreach. Domianah has seven years experience working as a Community Health Worker; five years experience working as a peer educator to teach sex workers about safe sex practices; five years experience working with HIV/AIDS positive women to start small businesses; and two years marketing experience at Carmax Motor Vehicles. At Access Afya, Domianah feelsshe has learned so much about medicines and now she doesn’t fear blood. Domianah describes herself as a social, open, and friendly person.

Naomi Achieng

Community Health Worker

Naomi is responsible for community outreach and assisting in the front office of the Kisii clinic. Certified in community health, Naomi brings five years experience working as a Community Health Worker in Kisii Village and the Remand’s Prison Health Centre giving health talks on HIV/AIDS and health consultations. Working at Access Afya,  Naomi feels she is learning much more about the drugs in the pharmacy. Naomi is happy to do work in the community, giving residents guidance so they can take their drugs; she is also happy to distribute condoms to youth and educate them about how to use them.


Betty Profile

Beatrice Wanjiru Maina

Community Health Worker

Betty coordinates the Sinai area community outreach and creates a bridge between the community and Access Afya. With a certificate in community health, Betty brings three years experience as a Community Health Worker in Sinai Village. Since coming to Access Afya, Betty has learned a lot about drugs. She is also a proud mother of three children.

2014 Interns

Yvette Amanda Oludhe, Intern

As a student obtaining a Degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology, Yvette is working with Access Afya’s clinical team to standardise lab procedures and develop clinical protocols. Yvette brings experience volunteering in a medical camp and working in a hospital setting through an attachment at the Nairobi Hospital.

Maureen Shirenya Makau, Intern

As a student obtaining a Diploma in Procurement, Maureen is working with Access Afya’s clinical and management team to create an effective medical filing system. Maureen brings experience in retail sales.