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Community Level Care
Access Afya is a social enterprise setting up a network of micro-clinics located directly in Nairobi’s slums. We make the first entry point to the healthcare system easy and safe. In contrast to the unregulated pill shops where most of our clients go when ill, an Access Afya clinic is staffed by qualified medical workers. The clinics are designed for efficiency, taking up only the minimum amount of space required. This means they fit into small spaces available in the slums instead of locating outside and causing patients to commute.

Using Technology for Healthcare

The clinics use electronic patient management systems to gather and illustrate holistic and longitudinal patient data. This means health workers know each patient’s treatment history during a current consultation. Digital versions of protocols are also on the computer on-site. These provide an added level of support to health workers, and will standardize Access Afya service delivery as it grows.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous in Kenya, even among those with low incomes. Access Afya capitalizes on this, using texting to strengthen customer relationships with follow-ups, improve operational efficiency with reminders and data collection, and create better health outcomes by sending targeted messages to groups, such as nutrition tips for new mothers.

Quality through products

Reliable supplies are available on site. We do this through ordering from trusted providers, creating smart stocking procedures and electronic inventory management.

We deliver services and products affordably through a lean staffing model, specialized services, and efficient management systems. The Access Afya pilot is testing this model, and will learn from it and adapt it to create a blueprint “kiosk” that can be replicated in other sites.