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Primary Care Clinic Kenya child health

Primary Healthcare Clinics

Access Afya has a standardized clinic in a box model that delivers chronic care, family planning, lab testing, child immunizations and nutrition, pre and post-natal care, general outpatient consultations, first aid and more. Our asset-light clinics are located in convenient spaces and open every day of the week. We provide a range of health financing options including insurance, health micro-loans, savings and memberships.

Primary Care Pharmacy Nairobi - Medicine Access

Retail Pharmacies

Our pharmacies create a safe first entry point into the health system with qualified staff, genuine medication and sound health advice. Patients connect via telemedicine to our clinics when needed and have a range of services and rapid tests available to them. Pharmacies save patients who do not need clinics time.

Primary Care Access Nairobi Slums

Mobile Health

We push the boundaries of classic clinical care into factories, schools and other places where our patients spend their time. Field care is a convenient, efficient way to distribute basic health services and screening, along with education and prevention.

Data Analytics for Health in Kenya

Access Afya Analytics

Access Afya runs fully digital clinics and health programs. We collect demographic, health and history, encounter, diagnosis, treatment, purchasing and outcomes data. We also have operational data flowing through from all of our systems. Our tools can help others improve their operations and quality and our data help others understand our market.


50% of the world’s population lives on less than $5.50 per day

The world is urbanizing at an unprecedented rate. The  growth in megacities means more people are moving to highly populated, often unsanitary, slum environments. Whilst many of these people live on an economic razor’s edge they are like any of us, willing to do whatever it takes to protect and care for their families.

They are willing to spend on health but what they lack is fast access to affordable, quality healthcare to keep them and their families active participants in their growing economies. While the global health community has made some inroads in physical access, effective healthcare that meets quality standards is still lacking.

Access Afya is disruptively creating affordable primary care access that delivers on quality for every patient, every time.




Access Afya News

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Access Afya’s smart health system has prioritized measuring and using data, and creating real feedback loops with our patients. Read about our vision for a Smart Slum, fueling urban health and wellness.

Consultation Access Afya

Access Afya begins scale-up of Non-communicable disease program in partnership with boehringer Ingelheim and ashoka

Our non-communicable disease (NCD) program has already achieved world class outcomes, delivering real value for patients. Read about our results and scale-up plans.


an evaluation of digital microscopy as a point of care solution for low-resource settings

At Access Afya, we are constantly looking for alternative ways to innovate our quality care to the urban poor through new technological solutions. Once we identify a challenge, we seek out different devices or other technologies to affordably and efficiently provide a solution. One such recent challenge is diagnostic testing using microscopy in the informal settlements where we work. Read our evaluation of a digital iPhone microscope and its potential for improving access to diagnostics.