Access Afya Raises $1mm Series Seed

Primary health innovation start-up secures money to replicate micro-clinic chain and make key investments in quality assurance technology. 

Nairobi, Kenya 

Access Afya closed its Series Seed round with $1,025,000 million in equity committed by CRI Foundation, Insaan and high-net worth individuals. 

Where we are

Access Afya has developed a low-cost, tech enabled model for getting evidence based medicine to residents of Nairobi’s informal settlements. As of December 2017, Access Afya had grown to a chain of five sites and served over 30,000 quality primary care visits. The organization grew through raising convertible notes, bootstrapping and applying some innovation funding to build out new concepts such as mobile diabetes and hypertension screening supported by co-creation partner Boehringer Ingelheim. 

“We have spent a long time perfecting our approach to operations, customer care, quality assurance an innovation. We are excited to grow this through the support of our investors.” - CEO Melissa Menke 

Founder Melissa Menke started Access Afya to displace the unsafe, informal sector operating in slums with healthcare that was convenient, affordable and effective. Through 30k paid interactions to date and scale-up funding secured, they are proving there is a real business in improving quality access to healthcare for some of Nairobi’s poorest communities. 

Where we are going 

The funding will be deployed over two years to grow the chain to 15 sites in two Kenyan counties by the end of 2019. Access Afya will continue to invest in its technology, which supports operations, automates patient conversations, measures clinical and operational excellence, and supports quality improvement through a digital training Academy.